About us

Launched in 1920, the Ligue Braille is now lending support to over 15,500 blind and partially sighted people all over the country. Our free services are designed for just one purpose: seeking to increase the self-reliance, integration and development of blind and partially sighted people. The Ligue Braille owes its existence to the generosity of the general public, as grants cover only 22.96% of its needs.

The valuable support of volunteers

The more than 380 volunteers assisted and trained by the Ligue Braille serve in the interests of blind and partially sighted people and provide support to the members of staff.

They are vital for ensuring the association runs smoothly and extra hands are always welcome!

A volunteer helping a visually impaired person handle clay as part of a BrailleClub activity.

Foundation for the Visually Impaired

The aim of this non-profit-making foundation is to:

  • Lend support to the Braille League's activities
  • Organise awareness-raising and information campaigns on the theme of visual impairment
  • Lend support to scientific research in the area of ophthalmology.

Underpinned by the scientific committee comprising professors from the country's seven university ophthalmology centres, the Foundation is required every year to present awards to lend its backing to research conducted by young ophthalmologists.

 Photo of Sara Van de Veire and Frauke Coppieters, winners of the awards presented by the Foundation for the Visually Impaired in 2008.